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UNDIP International Undergraduate Programme (IUP)

Internasional Undergraduate Programme (IUP) offers wide range opportunities for both Indonesian and international students to undergo undergraduate (bachelor degree) program at Universitas Diponegoro. All study programmes which are host IUP, use English as the Medium of Instruction. One of the most challenging is that IUP students are required to get international exposure by joining double degree or student exchange abroad.

International Undergraduate Programme 

Faculty/School  Study Program Fee (IDR/ semester Web
Science and Mathematics Biology 15.000.000 http://bio.fsm.undip.ac.id/v1/en/home/
Chemistry 15.000.000 http://kimia.fsm.undip.ac.id/
Engineering Chemical Engineering 20.000.000 http://tekim.undip.ac.id/v1/
Urban and regional planning 20.000.000 http://pwk.ft.undip.ac.id/
Civil Engineering 20.000.000
Humanities English 15.000.000 https://english.fib.undip.ac.id/en/home
Law Law 20.000.000 (Indonesian)

25.000.000 (Foreign)

Economics and Busines Economics 17.500.000 http://iesp.feb.undip.ac.id/
Accounting 20.000.000 http://maksi.feb.undip.ac.id/
Management 20.000.000 http://manajemen.feb.undip.ac.id/
Social and Political Sciences Business Administration 20.000.000 https://admbisnis.fisip.undip.ac.id/en/home-2/
Communication Sciences 20.000.000 https://komunikasi.fisip.undip.ac.id/v1/home/

Admission for International Undergraduate programme is divided into two terms:

Batch 1: Only open for International Students based on their academic performance in their previous education. Apply Now. Click Here

Batch 2: Open for Indonesian, based on Academic Examination and Interview assesement. Apply Now. Click Here

IUP Requirement

  1. Applicants apply and submit required document online
  2. Highschool graduate on the year 2021, 2020, 2019.
  3. Age max 21 years old by July 2021.
  4. Reference for colour-blind for all programmes

Aplication Procedure
A. Foreign 

  • Register user by Email Click Here
  • Document Upload (certificate, toefl/ielts, phasport)
  • Fill out the online registration form and print the test card
  • Online Test

B. Indonesian Nationality

  • Register user by Email Click Here
  • Participants take the Billkey Code registration. Click Here
  • Pay the registration fee at the designated bank (Bank BNI, Bank BRI, Bank BTN, Bank Mandiri) Click Here
  • Fill out the online registration form and print the test card, Click Here
  • Come to the test location according to the date of implementation by bringing your ID and FC legalized / original diplomas.
  • Collecting copy of diploma certificate / SKL files and copy of report cards (for those who have not collected)

Batch 1 (Foreign Nationality/International Students): 1st March to 23rd May 2021. Announcement 1st June 2021